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(whats not the matter with harry potter)
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3rd-Jul-2013 01:11 am - [sticky post] A GENDER THING

Hello friends!

I have a gender announcement!

It has definitely been a while since I last talked about my gender on LiveJournal, and when I did, I did not have the vocabulary or personal insight to articulate my relation to my gender, which is complicated for me (but also not really other people's business).

So, to keep this short, I am genderqueer! What this means for you is that I would like you to call me by gender neutral pronouns (they/them), and I am now going by the name C. Just the one letter, pretty easy to remember! You can also call me Crowry if you like, but C is my name now. :)

Thanks in advance for being understanding! ♥

hello LJ I am back with a few h/d goodies!!!
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9th-Nov-2014 01:16 am - art from the past month or so!
I wanna try to be better about posting art here so!!! Here is some stuff from the past while?? I guess since graduating college. Starting off w/ some freebies from gaia. (p much everything here was done with photoshop cs5)
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i also have been BINGING on animanga in the past few months especially. i reread all of naruto, caught up in haikyuu!!, have rewatched FMA: Brotherhood, watched Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and watched all of Yowamushi Pedal. i ALSO watched 8 seasons of supernatural, which was as awful as i expected but i LOVE CASTIEL and could not help myself.

In may i sold at my first Big Convention with my best friend and just this past weekend, on halloween, i had a table at a small local harry potter convention, and was also able to speak on some panels, which was terrifying to begin with but ultimately fun. (sorry to anyone i joked about barfing on!!!!)

I've drawn so much i am not really sure what i should put here, but if anyone has any specific requests for stuff theyd like to see, i would be happy to upload it!! i have so much art that i have not put here, its just been SO long.
A 40 page fully illustrated book dealing with abuse, neglect, and self worth in the HP septology, specifically with regards to Harry James Potter. This is the not gay version. That one can be found over here.
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5th-May-2014 03:15 am - college is over
HELLOOO livejournal i am done with college as of friday!!! and i am going to share w/ u my final project, right here, which was a book.

a book about harry potter.Collapse )

you can download the 40 page pdf of the book here!

I created these recently to use in a field guide to the Harry Potter books, basically, where each year had its own section with spells learned, a snapshot of Harry & co. from the year, and, used here, a digital watercolor illustration of an object or concept of lore discussed in the book, and a monochrome drawing of the Big Bad of each particular book. Some of them got a little vague or off, but that's mostly because I did all of these in less than 12 hours before my project was due.

The rest of the pics are under the cut, including some photos I managed to snap w/ my phone of the finished book.

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i love the way hermione knows it all
Okay, I talked shit on my tumblr a while ago about how Half-Blood Prince is more widely celebrated as the H/D Book and how I think thats garbage, so I am finally going to elaborate. First lets look at the scenes and themes in HBP that make it the popular go-to for jokes and quotes about Harry and Draco's vast chemistry, etc.:

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6th-Jun-2013 09:39 am - hp meta tumblr shitstorm
for posterity or whatever i am going to organize all the BS that got said on my tumblr and put it here, because in response to people being heinously obtuse shitlords, i said some GOOD STUFF.

First, this question:
Anonymous asked you: out of curiosity, why do you draw harry as a poc?

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3rd-Jun-2013 09:50 am - ?????


i want to xpost my art and stuff but i do not know. where to do this. please lend me an assist.

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